Restaurante Las Rias Maspalomas


About Us

In 1986, our father, Mr. Onofre Caimari, opened Rias Bajas restaurant in Playa del Inglés. He became one of the first restaurateur to introduce Galician shellfish in the tables of the South of Gran Canaria restaurants.

We grew up seeing how to cook sea basses, barnacles, lobsters… We learnt from the restaurant stoves, that is the reason why we soon started to love cooking, the profession and the customer service. After we trained ourselves to face the challenge, and when we felt ready to do so, we decided to open Las Rias Maspalomas (2013). In this way, my brother Tony as chef and I as the restaurant director have created a gastronomical experience where traditional cooking and an exquisite modern touch are fused together.

Our work is the summary of two generation efforts, the fusion of two ways of understanding the cuisine. It is the result of the union between the family and the work, dressed with our clients and friends affection who don’t doubt about visiting us again.


Welcome to Las Rias Maspalomas

Guillermo Caimari

Guillermo y Toni Caimari. Las Rias Maspalomas